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Mortgage Deal Coming to an End?

If your current rate is due to end or you are paying your lender’s standard variable rate, there is a strong chance that you could save money by remortgaging.

It is easy to think that remortgaging is a lengthy and confusing task, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A remortgage is quite simply moving your mortgage from one lender to another. It can be done to obtain a better deal or raise additional funds for things such as home improvements, a new car or even school fees.

We understand how important it is to get the right mortgage deal at the right time, and we aim to make sure that you never pay more than you need to. With 12,000 mortgages available, we can help take the time and hassle out of your remortgaging process.

Is Remortgaging Right for You

Whether remortgaging is the right option for you will depend on your personal situation. It's important you consider the following:

  • Leaving/Exit Costs - there may be costs involved with leaving you current lender including an exit fee and possibly an early repayment charge - so these must be taken into account before you decide.
  • Set Up/Valuation Fees - your new lender may also require a valuation and set up fee.
  • Acceptance - changes to the way people are assessed for mortgages and any personal changes to your work or finances will affect whether you are accepted by a new lender.
  • Equity Release - if you choose to release equity from your property, this may increase the amount you are borrowing and in turn your monthly mortgage payments.
When considering releasing money to pay for a project or to clear debt - do your sums carefully! Although your mortgage may have a lower interest rate than a credit card or loan, it is borrowed over a longer period of time so may cost more in the long term. 

We can help you work out if remortgaging is an option by weighing up the potential costs and savings involved.