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Moving Home - Mortgage Options

Moving house is an exciting time, and we're here to make sure you find the right mortgage. Whether this is your first move or you’ve moved house before, we can take the hassle out of finding the right mortgage for you. When you move home, you have several options when it comes to your mortgage:
  • It may be possible to keep your current mortgage deal when you move to your new property,
  • Your current lender could offer you a different mortgage - this is called a product transfer and could be a convenient route to follow.
  • The other option is to change mortgage provider altogether and to find a mortgage that is better suited to your needs.
It is likely that a different mortgage or a mortgage from a new lender could offer you a more suitable deal. We have access to a wide range of mortgages suitable for home movers which could offer a lower rate of interest and therefore cheaper monthly repayments along with other benefits such as increased lending or more flexible terms - we'll need to discuss your personal situation and details to be able to offer a suitable solution for you that meets your current needs, future aspirations and affordability criteria. 

However, there are also costs involved with taking out a new mortgage, so professional advice from a mortgage broker is recommended to help you weigh up your options and find the most suitable mortgage for your situation.

How We Help Home Movers

Whatever kind of move you are making, whether you need more space, something smaller or are moving to a new area, we can help, when it comes to your mortgage:

  • An initial assessment with one of our professional mortgage advisers will enable you to find out how much you could borrow and what your likely repayments will be.

  • It is possible that the deposit from your current property and history of paying a mortgage will give you a good choice of lenders and mortgages. We can recommend the most suitable product for you, from the thousands of deals available.

  • We can provide know-how on all aspects of your mortgage application and will take care of everything from start to finish. We can even help arrange insurance cover for your new home too. Leaving you stress-free and available to deal with the other aspects of your house sale and purchase.